Dream Wife | St. Lukes | Glasgow | 22nd March 2022

A sign upon entering the venue details simple rules for tonight's event; No Harassment, No Transphobia, No Racism, No Homophobia, No Ableism, No Xenophobia, along with a reminder to look out for each other.

There is a feeling and emphasis on community and support throughout the show, spanning songs from 2020's So When You're Gonna and 2018's self titled release. Frontwoman Rakel Mjöll highlights before crowd favourite F.U.U. to support your local Bad Bitches, highlighting that any gender can be a Bad Bitch, after all gender is only a social construct. We're also reminded to have more empathy towards each other.

Even without prior knowledge of the band's back catalogue it's impossible to leave tonight's show not feeling 10 times stronger, and standing taller, than when you walked it. Their energy across performance and lyrics is simply contagious.

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