Manchester Punk Festival | Sunday | 17th April 2022

The final day of Manchester Punk Fest 2022

Crazy Arm | The Union

It's the 3rd and final day of the festival and it's fair to say the crowd for openers Crazy Arm on the festival's largest stage at The Union are sizeable in numbers but initially a little subdued. Even for those of us not drinking, the amount of bands seen, the miles walked between venues, and the unexpectedly hot Easter weekend has left everyone a little weary. Luckily Crazy Arm are here to give everyone a much needed burst of energy and by the end the crowd is louder and ready to face the day ahead.

Signals Midwest | Gorilla

For me Signals Midwest was an accidental catch. I'd initially planned to walk to a different venue but walked in entirely the wrong direction. I thought I'd stay a couple of songs but enjoyed their set so much I stayed for it all. A welcome mistake.

Crapsons | Yes

Over at the basement of Yes it's Birkinhead's Crapsons playing short loud explosions of energy. It's entertaining and there's plenty of banter with the crowd.

Pat Butcher | Zombie Shack

This was my first and only venture into the Zombie Shack over the weekend, which was a shame but sadly I could only be in one place at a time. Pat Butcher just about fit on the very small stage. Plenty of audience participation including a couple of human pyramids.

Jaya The Cat | The Union

For the remainder of the festival I'm back at The Union for 3 back to back sets. First up is Dutch/American Ska band Jaya the Cat. This set gave me the energy I needed to power me through the rest of my day.

Fresh | The Union

When Fresh released 2019's Withdraw I saw friends falling in love with it all over social media. At the time I listened and didn't feel the connection others were getting from it. Fast forward a few years and I decide to catch Fresh based on the enthusiasm for them from a fellow festival photographer. And I'm really glad I did because 30 seconds into the first song something clicked in the way that sometimes only live music has the power to do.

Jeff Rosenstock | The Union

Jeff is coming towards the end of his UK run and, despite all precautions being taken, the band is down 2 members on the day due to Covid. The remaining band members are masked up and ready to give everything they have to make this work. Had I not have been aware of the sudden change to line up I would have been unaware anything was missing. Crowdsurfers were aloft throughout the gig and it was a perfect end to my first Manchester Punk Festival.

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