Salem | Rebellion | Manchester | 22nd April 2022

In the middle of a tour of 11 cities in 11 days the Church of Salem winds into Manchester's and to the city's Rebellion club. It's only been 6 months since their last UK and with just 2 EPs to their name. However when frontman Will Gould asks the crowd who is here to see them for the first time a sizeable amount make clear from their cheers they are new followers.

Bouncing through a set consisting of both EPs, mic cable flying around like a lasso, bodies flying towards the stage everyone is having a great start to their Friday night. The band take on a cover of Misfits' Where Eagles Dare. It's well received and flawless, despite the lyrics being taped to the stage.

Towards the end of the set a young crowd surfer takes an unfortunate landing onto the stage, knocking them self out. The show is quickly brought to a halt with a first aider immediately on the stage to assist. After a few minutes they're able to sit up and the relief when they're able to walk off stage is met with a room of cheers. After a couple more mins to ensure all is well the band take to the stage to complete their set, seamlessly picking up where they left off.

The congregation is growing and there's no doubt next time they're in town even more will be in attendance for their first Salem show.

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