Manchester Punk Festival | Saturday | 16th April 2022

Day 2 of Manchester Punk Fest for 6 sets across 4 of Manchester's best live music venues.

Warshy | Yes

If Crazy Arm is loud anti-facist songs, then Warshy is its quiet(er) anti-facist songs sibling. Darren and Tia perform maybe slightly less songs than planned after Darren can't quite find the right tuning for a particular song, eventually going to a clip in his notes on his phone to try and work out how it should sound. No one minds and it's a lovely way to ease into the day ahead.

Onsind | Gorilla

The queue for Onsind's set snakes all the way up to Oxford Rd Station and I wonder if everyone even got in. Starting with Heterosexuality Is A Construct the venue is immediately bouncing from start to finish.

Proper. | Gorilla

Staying at Gorilla for Proper. who are in the UK on tour. For most it will be the first time to hear songs from their stunning new album The Great American Novel. They make comment on different chants at gigs around the UK leading to what must surely be the only Oggy Oggy Oggy, Oi Oi Oi! chant of the weekend.

Cultdreams | Bread Shed

After catching all of Proper.'s set I just make it in time to Bread Shed for duo Cultreams' set. Lucinda is a captivating frontperson to watch. They are joined on guitar towards the very end of their set by Simon of Apologies, We Have None.

Nervus | Bread shed

After a short break to re-fuel I'm back to Bread Shed for Nervus' set. There is equal amounts of dancing on and off stage. We get to hear new single Drop Out which sounds fantastic, and lots of singalongs are had.

Martha | The Union

Having seen Martha play only to small venues before it's great to see how their music translates to huge rooms and crowds such as this one. This is my last set of the day and a fantastic one to end on.

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